Iron County UW-Extension’s Family Living Program will be offering classes starting on January 26th.

Class Descriptions….

Active Parenting is a parenting program for parents with kids ages 5-12. This video-based program focuses on brain
development, effective discipline, communication, and building self esteem. The videos used demonstrate specific and relevant situations for parents an provide concrete tools for coping with problems.

eParenting Co-Parenting was developed for divorced or separated parents of infants to teenagers. The class focuses on how digital media can be used to enhance parenting skills and build a secure connection between children and all of their parents and caregivers. The class also helps parents understand normal child growth and development in the context of divorce and separation.

Rent Smart is a class designed to assist individuals and families overcome challenges with finding and keeping affordable and decent housing. The program helps tenants better understand their rights and expectations, while stressing positive landlord-tenant relationships.

Let Flo Drive: Anger & Stress is a class that looks at how anger and stress can affect every part of our lives if not handled well. Participants in this class will learn about the impacts of stress and gain management skills to lead happier and healthier lives.

eParenting High Tech Kids is a class developed for parents of youth ages 9-14 and focuses on positive aspects of digital media, including how to connect with kids through technology and how digital media can enhance parenting skills.

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