FREE Well Water Test Kits for Qualifying Iron County Residents

Iron County residents who use well water as their primary drinking source are invited to participate in a study to better understand levels of naturally-occurring flouride and select metals in our groundwater.

The Lake Superior Research Institute is working with 11 counties across northwestern Wisconsin to complete this study, including Douglas Bayfield, Ashland, Iron, Burrnett, Washburn, Sawyer, Price, Rusk, Barron and Polk.

If you are an Iron County resident using well water as your primary source of drinking water, you can pick up a free testing kit at the following locations:

Iron County Zoning Department: 300 Taconite Street, Suite 115, Hurley, WI 54534 (715) 561-5414
Iron County Health Department: 502 Copper Street, #2, Hurley, WI 54534 (715) 561-2191

Act quickly – supplies are limited! All kits include the flouride test, but only a handful of random-selected kits test for select metals.