New Beginnings for Iron County Summer Youth Camp

I would like to inform Iron County Summer Youth Camp parents and 3rd – 5th grade campers of some exciting changes coming to our camp program. Over the past 5 years the facility at North Lakeland Discovery Center has limited the number cabins and therefore the number of beds available to us at the camp. They have done what they can to accommodate us in most situations by replacing cabins with tents and bunk beds with cots. This has gotten to the point where the facility no longer suites our needs as a camp of over 100 youth and 15 adult volunteers. That said, the planning team and I have decided that we need to look for another facility that better suites a camp of our size.

I began by talking with some of my camp Counselors who have served on the Camp Planning Team over the past few years and I began to look for a facility that can handle a group of our size. I was incredibly surprised that the counselors were open to the possibility of a move. One of them said that our camp traditions are not tied to the place where camp is held, it’s about the people we camp with and the songs and the activities we do.” I am excited and nervous about having camp in a new place but I know that this will be great for our staff and the campers. The Camp Planning Team and I have selected Trails End Camp in Rusk County.

I want to outline a few of the positives of the move:

  1. Trails End will be rented solely by our group and no outside groups or individuals are allowed on the property while we are there.
  2. The bathroom and shower facilities at Trails End offer more privacy and more space for campers/counselors/adults. The facility is also maintained by a caretaker while we are there.
  3. A surprising advantage is the cost. After coming up with an estimate for the new facility and comparing it to our rental cost for NLDC, we will see a savings in the facility rental cost. Transportation costs will be higher but we will still be under the rental cost we have been paying.
  4. Trails End has an indoor recreation building that will provide us more options in case it rains. Currently rain really hampers what programming we can do.
  5. Trails End has outdoor seating for meal times.
  6. Trails End has separated recreation fields, archery range and air rifle range.
  7. Cabins at Trails End are farther apart so that counselors can better supervise their cabins during cabin time and campers will have more privacy while in their cabins.
  8. Trails End’s campfire circle is more suitable to a group our size.

Please watch for announcements regarding informational meetings for parents, or feel free to call my office at 715-561-2695. I want to be able to share with parents as much information as possible to help ease this transition and reassure parents that camp will still be a positive experience for your kids.

Photos from Trails End Tour

Neil Klemme
4-H Youth Development Educator
Iron County UW-Extension
300 Taconite Street, Suite 118
Hurley, WI 54534