Iron County 4-H to Host Communication Arts Festival

Many 4-H members say that one of the skills they developed most through their participation in 4-H is the ability to get up in front of people to speak. Through club meetings, fair judging and speaking contests, youth in 4-H are able to practice this skill that they will use throughout their life at job interviews, college and work presentations. Speaking in front of people is an unavoidable part of life. The Iron County 4-H program is offering the first annual Communication Arts Festival. 4-H members can sign up for one or more of 4 categories; creative writing/essay, demonstration, informative or persuasive speaking, or interpretive reading.  They will be competing with youth in 4 age groups:

Cloverbud (grade K5-2)
Junior (grades 3-5)
Intermediate (grades 6-8)
Senior (grades 9-12)

The Iron County Extension office has booklets on how to prepare and Iron County 4-H Youth Development Educator, Neil Klemme will hold a practice session and training workshop on Monday April 22 from 5-7 at the Iron County Courthouse. Bring the piece that you want to present and Neil will be there to help you work on the delivery and give tips to prepare you for the competition. If you have any questions, feel free to call 715-561-2695.

Communication Arts Festival Entry Form – pdf