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Darrin Kimber services as Extension Iron County’s part time Agriculture Educator (50%). If happens on a farm or in a field, Darrin will work with you to achieve better results. Extension researchers work hand-in-hand with row crop, forage and fresh produce growers to provide best practices for every aspect of the growing phase. Darrin is also here to advise community members on using sustainable practices to create inviting spaces free from invasive species. His work supports people, communities and businesses.

In addition to all things Agriculture, Darrin is also available to provide research- and evidence-based horticulture management education, resources and decision-making tools to home gardeners and commercial horticulture practitioners.

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Gardening School for Master Gardener Volunteers.

UW-Madison Extension Iron County is recruiting new Extension Master Gardener Volunteers. Master Gardener Volunteers (MGVs) add to the reach of UW-Madison Extension by working their communities to bring research based gardening education to their neighbors, family and friends.

The gardening school will cover topics such as: botany, soils, disease and insect management, vegetable and fruit growing and much more. Participants will learn how to find and use university researched information to improve their gardening skills and to help others. This school is designed for all experience levels. You do not need to have gardened for years to be a successful MGV.

The school is from 5:30-8:30 pm at the Iron County courthouse every Wednesday September 15 through December 8 (except Thanksgiving week). A required orientation and the registration deadline is August 18 at 5:30 pm at the Iron County courthouse.

To become a MGV a candidate must enroll and complete this course. Candidates then must successfully complete the Master Gardener Volunteer Program Onboarding process . To maintain certification MGVs need to volunteer in their communities 24 hours each year and continue to improve their knowledge and skills by completing 10 hours of continuing education annually.

This class is exclusively for those who want to become volunteers. If you are interested in getting gardening training without the desire to volunteer please take the UW-Madison Extension Horticulture Program’s Foundations in Horticulture-Growing and Caring for Plants in Wisconsin online course.

Articles Written by Agriculture Educator, Darrin Kimbler

Articles written by Agriculture Educator, Darrin Kimbler

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